Stay In the Loop With TC Parent Group… and More!

Staying connected can be especially difficult when there are multiple information streams to keep up with. That’s why we think it’s important to list all avenues of communication within TC, in one place, and to help you understand which group any given communication is from.

Communications to be aware of:

  • Email and phone: If you haven’t received any communications from the school, make sure the office has your correct contact info. SPS, school administrators and teachers will reach out through these avenues.
  • OPT IN Email communications: These are from Room Parents, TC Parent Group, and the TC PTA. You won’t ever hear from these, unless you opt-in.
    • Room parents, usually one or two parents per classroom, volunteer to facilitate whatever their teacher needs, often to organize events, and send communications to the class list. Make sure your email is on the room parent’s list! Contact your teacher to volunteer as Room Parent! 
    • The TC Parent Group includes all parents and caregivers of current TC students. We organize volunteers for school events, and fundraise to directly support student learning in the school. The parent group is governed by Site Council, where parents come together with staff and administrators to make decisions collaboratively. Learn more and subscribe to our newsletter here:
    • The TC PTA is a community based PTA, focused on equity. It was founded in 2018 by a group of dedicated anti-racist advocates. You can learn more and subscribe to their newsletter, at
  • Facebook: The Friends of Thornton Creek Facebook Group is useful for quick questions for other parents.
  • Kid-mail is a folder that travels back and forth with your kiddo each day. You can send messages to your teacher, and receive notes, completed work, and flyers.  Don’t forget to check your kiddo’s folder!
  • Thornton Creek Elementary Website: has experienced a recent hiccup, when SPS decided to freeze and redesign all SPS websites. So a lot of it isn’t entirely up to date, and unfortunately this includes the Thornton Creek Calendar. School staff are working hard to get it up and running soon! 

Identifying the sender:

  • Thornton Creek Elementary School and SPS communications come from
  • TC Parent Group (that’s us) communications come from
  • TC-PTA communications come from

The TCPG Communications Team is a small group of parents who work to create a smooth flow of information to keep you informed. We are working to find ways to streamline, and will keep you apprised of changes via our Newsletter. We welcome any questions or feedback you have as we work towards improving our communication threads to reach all members in our community.  We are looking forward to a great year!

Your TCPG Communications Team

Bottom line: Put a folder in your kiddo’s bag, and  OPT IN TO STAY IN THE LOOP!

Please note that we do not speak on behalf of Seattle Public Schools.