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Thornton Creek Parent Group and Site Council

Thornton Creek Elementary School is a Pre-K-5 Option school in the Seattle Public School system. Learn more about TC’s creative approach, focused on Expeditionary learning and the Responsive Classroom framework. Additional information about our school can be found by visiting the school website: https://thorntoncreekes.seattleschools.org/

What is the Thornton Creek Parent Group ?

The Thornton Creek Parent Group (TCPG) is a non-profit organization that supports the programs and staff at Thornton Creek Elementary School in Seattle, WA. The TCPG provides this support, in part, through its fundraising efforts. All funds raised by the TCPG are managed by the parent group and used almost exclusively to support Thornton Creek Elementary School. Learn more.

What is Site Council?

The Thornton Creek Site Council (SC) is the school’s longest running collaborative governing body, comprised of administration, staff, and parents. In recent years, the school has formed a Building Leadership Team (BLT) which collaborates with Site Council.  In Site Council, we make decisions collaboratively, and parents are able to participate in discussing important school matters. Learn more.

Site Council includes many parent-led committees behind key community activities and resources at the school:

  • Sends regular newsletter
  • Organizes enrichment activities after school
  • Supports and/or organizes community events
    • Picnics
    • Talent Show
    • Bazaar
    • Family Dance Night
    • Fundraisers
    • Sports Activities Night
    • Science Fair

SC meets monthly, usually on the second Tuesday of every month and all parents are welcome (childcare is provided). Every level of parent involvement is appreciated and valued at Thornton Creek!

Shows that Site Council is the inclusion of all current TC parents/ caregivers and all TC staff and administrators. Voting positions are held by elected parents/caregivers as well as staff/administrators
Site Council

Site Council includes all of TC’s parents/caregivers, staff and administrators. The Site Council board is made up of elected parent/caregiver officers, as well as staff representatives.