Each fall, the Thornton Creek Parent Group sponsors our Annual Appeal fundraiser to solicit much relied upon funds for the school. We ask for your support. In the 22-23 school year, we raised $145,000 with the goal of 100% participation in support of TC. We encourage you to support TCPG so that Thornton Creek can advance its mission to engage students in academically rigorous exploration and discovery through Expeditionary Learning.

Why Your Gift Matters

Option schools like Thornton Creek require additional support to implement their educational program. Your generously donated funds support Expeditionary Learning activities and fees, teacher professional development, academic support (e.g. interventionists), library and art materials, and emergency supplies. Simply put, Thornton Creek won’t be the school it is without your help and support.

Schools are human-powered endeavors, and keeping our programs intact requires significant spending on certificated staff and hourly assistants to support students who need it most. Here’s a breakdown of the TCPG budget for the current year.

Click here to read more about TCPG fundraising and resource allocation.

Double Your Donation

Employer matching is an easy way to double your contribution! Please check with your employer to see if they offer matching funds for charitable donations. TCPG is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that qualifies for these matching funds. Our tax ID is 91-1037596.

UW and other WA State Employees! The combined fund drive is a great way to maximize your giving for TCPG. UW employee forms here.

Share with your community! Friends, family and neighbors are often eager to help support your school.

We encourage you to give whatever amount is meaningful for your family. Every donation moves us closer to reaching our goal. Your participation is the most important thing, and we are so grateful for any gift you share.

Send checks to: Thornton Creek Parent Group 7712 40th Ave NE Seattle, WA 98115

Make your impact today!

Thank you for supporting Thornton Creek Elementary!

Still have questions? Please email