About Thornton Creek Parent Group (TCPG)

Everybody is invited to participate!

Volunteering with Thornton Creek Parent Group is one impactful way to get involved in our school, meet a lot of great people, and really make a difference in our school community! Learn more.


The annual TCPG Members meeting is held in June in each year for the purpose of electing the Board of Directors and voting on the TCPG budget. Special budget meetings will also be held in April and May so that Members may provide input on the TCPG budget.

Community Meetings for the 23-24 school year will occur quarterly and be led by the school. The first one is 10/9/23, details will be shared in the school bulletin. 


The Thornton Creek Parent Group Board of Directors is the administrative body representing the 501(c)3 organization named Thornton Creek Parent Group. The Board of Directors is elected each year by the Members. The Board of Directors include officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) and Members at Large that serve as Chairs for specific areas of work. More details are included in the TCPG Bylaws.


  • TCPG convenes committees on an as-needed basis. If there is a specific area of volunteer work that interests you please let us know!


TCPG Board of Directors

Erin MacDougall

Vice Chair
Jessica Knaster Wasse

Roddy Theobald

Kristi Straus

Communications Chair
Gavin Murphy

Volunteer Chair
Kelsey Johnson

Fundraising Co-Chair
Sterling Maximo



TCPG Parent Leaders

Jana Dilley
Sarah Stempski

Yearbook Coordinator
Sarah Tien

Assistant Treasurer
Hal Bond

Fundraising Co-Chair
Robyn Hodges

++Position is unfilled. Contact Erin MacDougall if interested.